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Reflections…domaine de boisbuchet

“Now we will count to twelve   And we will all keep still   For once on the face of the earth.” Bois buchet-vaguely meaning ‘bouquet of wood’, echoes the sentiments of Nobel Laurette Pablo Neruda. The domaine can only be experienced, not described, not represented. It is as primordial and isolated a retreat as […]

Italy as a Role Model

The trip appealed to me at an intrinsic level apart from the extrinsic level. I was amazed at the thought that went behind such beautiful creations. It intrigued me and makes me read about these places even more to quench my curiosity. My few observations from the tour were- Respect for the past- I got […]

My Travel Experience With “dtours india”

At TDV, the teaching happens a bit differently, with no system of orthodox classes, the student teacher relationship is optimum, its focus not being on manual skills but on the very foundation – design thinking and its processes. It strongly believes in peer learning, the learning taking place outside the class and the campus facilitates […]