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My Travel Experience With “dtours india”

At TDV, the teaching happens a bit differently, with no system of orthodox classes, the student teacher relationship is optimum, its focus not being on manual skills but on the very foundation – design thinking and its processes. It strongly believes in peer learning, the learning taking place outside the class and the campus facilitates that. One cannot design in isolation; a designer needs to be open-minded and have a broad view of the world and to have that, nothing better than traveling. It not only broadens your perspective but also makes you taste different cultures, their way of life, and their problems and most importantly, it inspires you.

International Art Tour with dtours india has been one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. A tightly scheduled itinerary trying to cover all one can in a place which has so much to offer, some of the places people might not have heard about or being out of bound. Each day pushed us to travel an extra mile to see the last building or the last exhibition. It’s not just the itinerary but also the people you travel with, coming from all different kinds of background, each have a different take on a subject. And as if all of this wasn’t enough for a successful trip, having out founders travel with us is the cherry on top. All those little insights, the minute details, the astonishing story behind, no travel guide could have given. The conversation all have after visiting a place really leaves a lasting impression on all.

A Dtour is a must take for anyone having a thirst for knowledge – design or not.

Souvik TDV

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