the 5 most coveted buildings of seoul

  1. Dongdaemun Design Plaza– huge stunt in terms of a massive multi-layered program celebrating culture, history, performing and visual arts, design, commerce, recreation and leisure and even the simple and conventionally mundane act of commuting-civic architecture pulled off. An unusual form that has been criticised for not fitting into the context actually ends up tying the chaos. Night illumination that keeps changing and can be viewed from every multi-storeyed building surrounding it adds to its dynamism.
  2. Lee Samsung Museum– firstly the very act of three world famous architects collaborating on a single project, merging their vocabulary fairly well. But Nouvel’s museum concept of making the introvert box fitting the purpose of showcasing installations and then at appropriate distances, opening up to the exterior, giving a breather and pause space.
  3. Kunsthall– very simple, modular, easy and fast to assemble, proportions guaranteed due to the fixed size of containers, neat, clean, clear form.
  4. L platform– relevant neighbourhood hang-out zone- scale was perfect; the concept of the auditorium below the open plaza makes a lot of sense structurally. Nice finishes, sleek detailing.
  5. 0914– the sheer way in which subterranean space had been carved out with small courts and light wells.


Lena Gupta

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