the best 5 best buildings of the japan tour

  1. Chichu Museum-Tadao Ando- subterranean to keep the sanctity of the island’s natural scape intact. Presence of two courtyards with dry and green landscape again reiterating that nature is part of art. Building was itself a work of art-the empty spaces to introspect, the quality of natural light, the mass and void relationship, the minimalistic vocabulary; it also participated in the representation of other art pieces. Complete experience design.
  2. Tama art University Library-Toyo Ito-extremely poetic in spatiality, mind boggling concept of structure and modularity, as dynamic as can be with each arch different and yet the same. Paradise for voracious readers.
  3. 21_21 Design Sight-Tadao Ando-scale and space-making felt extremely ‘correct’
  4. Archidepot-the very concept of displaying and storing models, very unusual concept but extremely relevant.
  5. Teshima Art Gallery-SANAA- it simply cannot get more fundamental than this. Essence of Japanese reverence towards nature exemplified best here.

Lena Gupta

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