the preparations were the biggest learning

For me, the learning started right from the beginning of preparations. Getting the visas of 28 people seemed impossible. I had never applied for any visa before and doing it for so many people was challenging and scary. Collecting all the documents and going to visa office, facing the glitches during the up was not an option. Learnt a lot throughout the process and exceeding my limits started from there only for me. Would like to thank all for the support and guidance throughout the process.

Since I went on the previous dtour to Europe,  I knew that it is going to be an amazing experience full of learning not only architecturally but personally also. The perspective was different this time. The more we saw, the more I realized that there is so much more to design and details. From a railing fixing detail to the massive structure, everything broadened the way of thinking. Just love the way natural light plays such an important role. Totally changes the essence of a space.


The experience has been amazing.  Everything came up together in the end. The variety of buildings seen…the travel…exceeding limits and going by everyday. Having the hunger to see more and more…the energy the whole group has even after not sleeping much…all this can never be experienced if not on dtour. I think that’s what it is about. Pushing yourself above your limits and growing.


Best five moments:

  1. Workshop at wood museum. Great experience.
  2. Taking all the luggage inside and outside the bullet train..the conversations in-between the ride…The ferry ride and then cycling. People of various age groups cycling together was so much fun. A totally different experience.
  3. Midnight conversations
  4. Reaching the Ando museum after seeing his works.
  5. Last night roaming around the streets of Osaka, experiencing their culture, Indian food at midnight, sleeping in sports bar waiting for the bus to much fun.


Best five projects:

  1. Tama Art University Library, Toyo Ito
  2. Teshima Art Museum
  3. 21_21 Design Centre
  4. Dongdaemun Design Plaza
  5. National Museum of Western Art


Nothing can make it better. It’s a different experience every time and that’s what makes it special. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn and explore architecture and design.

Neha Aggarwal

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