With creative mind, pursuing different branches of design

Travelling in itself is a great way to learn and experience things, but when you travel solo, things are not so functional, there is a lot of burden on your mind- from deciding the accommodation or where to go or to figure out the transportation and during all this you waste a lot of time which could be utilized in learning and experiencing. Now imagine a hassle-free travel, nothing but the best is already lined up for you to experience, all you have to do is pack and leave. Travelling is truly the best teacher, there is arising learning curve at every step:

  • Before going (how would the weather be, what all places to visit)
  • While you are there (literally everything from food to clothes to language to culture, the smell)
  • After you’re done with the trip (going over everything that you experienced on the trip)

Now imagine People from various parts of the country, from similar or contrasting design fields with fresh perspectives and with a special eye to appreciate different things. Like, when you visit say for example Taj Mahal, the outcome of everybody’s visit would be individual like the fashion designer would tell you about the carvings on the stone, the architect would be amazed by how stable it was made in that era. The point is, everybody would have a different outcome from what they experienced and to talk about so many contrasting perspectives would just make you much more open minded, inspired and aware in an unforgettable manner.

Solo travel can take a toll sometimes and you’d be out in a conscious zone all the time. Travelling with a group of like-minded people with a tour organized by designers would fulfil all the things you want to do in a solo travel but with a safety net (the tour guide got your back all the time..!!)  and a tour plan that is put together by years of trial and testing. Hard to reach destinations, transportation, rules, access to places that would be difficult to figure out on your own and the best part somebody is always there to take your photograph.

Because, Eureka moments are real!

-Kritika Saigal

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